4 Fun Ways to Make the Holidays Bright with Parchment Paper

4 Fun Ways to Make the Holidays Bright with Parchment Paper

Although time seems to have little meaning in 2020 because of all of the Coronavirus and COVID-19 news that has had the country at a standstill, the calendar says that we have arrived in that annual period after Halloween when stores immediately start playing Christmas music and pumpkin-spice-everything vanishes as quickly as it appeared.

This pandemic has taken its toll on a lot of folks financially as well but just because budgets are tight doesn't mean that the holidays cannot be bright, especially with these 4 Fun Ways to Make the Holidays Bright with Parchment Paper.


The non-stick, non-toxic attributes of silicon-coated parchment paper makes for the perfect wrapping paper for chocolates and candies, cookies and other baked goods, or any other snackable, packable, yummy little gifts you plan to give this holiday season.

Whether it is home made or store bought, parchment paper is an affordable, personal, and functional touch. Tie a piece of twine around the package to finish the look!


Do you remember making paper snowflakes as a kid in school? We would take a piece of paper and fold it and fold it and fold it some more, then start snipping away at the folded edged with scissors, notching out random geometrical designs.

Once unfolded, the result would be an intricate pattern resembling the unique snowflakes we see in nature. Make several more, each with its own unique design, and then string them on twine or yarn for a home made garland.

parchment paper holiday craft ideas

The benefit to making them using high-quality parchment paper is that the durability of parchment paper far exceeds most anything else you'd have around the house or kitchen. Not only is parchment paper coated in silicone, but in its processing it is passed over a series of hot rotating drums that realign the fibers and give the paper its renowned strength. No, your new parchment paper holiday garland won't flex on your guests, but it should last for years.


Why are Christmas tree toppers so corny most of the time? Unless yours has some sentimental value, consider crafting your own using... you guess it... parchment paper!

The process is similar to the snowflake method above, but here are 5 simple steps to craft your own Christmas tree topper using, clean, bright, durable parchment paper.

  1. Fold your parchment paper back and forth, accordion style

  2. Tie a 6" length of twine, string, or yarn around the middle of the folded paper, leaving a couple of inches of spare twine on each end of your knot.

  3. With the paper still folded, use scissors to cut random shapes through the parchment paper; the more shapes cut out, more intricate your design will be. Experiment a bit, it's fun!

  4. Unfold the "accordion" of parchment paper and attach the two ends forming a large parchment circle featuring a detailed pattern and forming a topper worthy of any tree!

  5. Use additional hanging string or twine to secure your new home made parchment paper Christmas tree topper to the top of tree.

parchment paper holiday craft ideas 2


We keep mentioning it but the durability of high-quality parchment paper makes it reusable in many applications including stencils which by their very nature tend to be reused over and over again.

Stencils are most often used with paint, and parchment paper stencils are great for that purpose - spraying or sponging stenciled designs onto crafted gifts or their wrapping paper is another personal touch that Hallmark just can't match.

Another great use for parchment paper stencils around the holidays is right back in the kitchen where you probably found your paper in the first place.

parchment paper holiday craft ideas 3

Cutting simple designs out of parchment paper creates a basic stencil that can be used to create tasty shapes made of powdered sugar or add a splash of color with some sprinkles applied over some frosting using a non-stick parchment paper stencil.

The best part is, when stored properly, they will be ready to reuse year after year helping you make more happy holiday memories, one treat at a time!


Well folks, there you have it!

Those are just 4 Fun Ways to Make the Holidays Bright with Parchment Paper but something tells us that you know a lot more than that!

Let us know your favorite uses for parchment paper around the holidays - in the kitchen or around the house - next time you place an order at www.parchmentpaper.com, your one stop shop for the best American made parchment paper products on the world wide web.

From our kitchen to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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