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Use code "IG50" for 50% off until further notice!
Use code "IG50" for 50% off until further notice!

Virgin PTFE Sheets, 4"x4" .004"/.1mm

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Virgin PTFE is almost universally inert. Components made of this material exhibit excellent impermeability to most corrosive liquids, vapors, and gases, even at elevated temperatures, as well as under pressure and vacuum. They are affected only by molten alkali metals, fluorine and chlorine tri-fluoride at elevated temperatures and pressure. Virgin PTFE has exceptional electrical and dielectric properties, but can be somewhat limited for mechanical applications. It will creep or cold flow when a compressive load is applied. Since it is a soft material, it can also experience a high rate of wear when used in dynamic situation, including but not limited to pneumatic presses. This is higher quality than what's available from our competitors.

  • .004"/.1mm Thickness
  • 100% PURE material aka Virgin
  • Tensile Strength - 3,000psi
  • Tensile Elongation (at break) - 250%
  • Max. Operating Temp - 500F / 260C
  • FDA approved
  • Manufactured in Germany

This product is packaged in 500ct boxes.