25 Ways to Use Parchment Paper Around the House

25 Ways to Use Parchment Paper Around the House

25 uses for parchment paper

Bakers, chefs, and anyone else who spends anytime in the kitchen probably already has an appreciation for the many handy uses of high-quality parchment paper, but we tried to look outside the box and off the roll a bit for this fun list of 25 Ways to Use Parchment Paper Around the House. Which one is your favorite?

  1. Make pizza dough on parchment paper then transfer the dough – and the parchment paper – right into the oven!

    parchment paper pizza

  2. Like your cookie sheets with parchment paper before you bake and all the time you save on cleanup can be spent eating cookies :)

  3. Pre-cut parchment paper circles make baking a cake a piece of… well… you know! No more sticking to the pan, no more crumbles!

  4. Lay out a sheet of parchment paper when rolling out your pie dough then transfer both right into the pan.

  5. Preparing succulent meals quickly and easily using the en papillote French cooking method.

  6. When using a cookie cutter on cookie dough, do the work on a fresh sheet of non-stick, oven safe parchment paper and you can easily move your finished shapes around without bending or breaking them.

  7. Roasting root vegetables and tubers n’ taters just got so much easier, and cleaner, and faster, and tastier with a simple sheet of parchment paper.

  8. Making peanut brittle or other candies and treats? Parchment paper ensures a non-stick ending to the process because making candy should be fun!

  9. Melt chocolate or other yummy toppings and pipe them through a sheet of parchment paper folded into a cone for delicious designs and no mess at the end! (Go ahead, lick the paper, nobody will judge you!)

  10. Use pre-cut squares of parchment paper to separate cuts of meat like chicken breasts or hamburger patties prior to cooling or freezing. They will come right apart when it is time to fire up the grill.

    parchment paper hamburger patties

  11. Looking for a food safe gift wrap? Non-stick, non-toxic parchment paper is always in season when gifting treats and food items.

  12. A collar of parchment paper placed around a casserole dish can offer a helpful non-stick scaffold to support a rapidly rising soufflé.

  13. A sheet of parchment paper makes an excellent (and affordable!) option for lining your cabinet shelves and drawers with a clean, non-stick surface. If it gets gross, replace it right off the roll!

  14. Oven frying some chicken wings or tenders? A sheet of parchment paper underneath with catch and contain the grease without absorbing it.

  15. When you bust out the sprinkles for decorating cookies, a quick sheet of parchment underneath will contain the excess spillage and then can be folded to funnel those runaways back into their jars.

  16. Craft time for the kids! Lay out some parchment paper for a sweet non-stick surface for working with clay, paint, and more!

  17. A pre-cut parchment paper square placed on top of your kitchen scale when weighing out ingredients will keep that surface clean and keep your scale calibrated longer.

  18. Roll out some parchment paper, then roll out some cookie dough on top of it, then roll them both back up together to conveniently take and bake at a later time.

  19. Still feeling crafty? American made parchment paper is sturdy enough to cut and create some cool stencils!

    parchment paper stencils

  20. Wrap your sandwich in parchment paper before placing it into your panini grill. You’ll still get the grill marks without a cheesy mess to cleanup later.

  21. Chocolate dipped strawberries land sweetly on a clean sheet on parchment paper and pop right off of the non-stick surface once given time to cool and dry.

  22. Jelly rolls are way too easy when you line the pan with parchment paper first.

  23. When testing recipes, use a marker to make notes on your parchment paper next to different culinary results as they cool.

  24. The fluffiest, flakiest pie crusts begin their life being gently folded over and overusing non-stick parchment paper as their guide.

  25. Forget those sticky fingers, use a buttered-up sheet of parchment paper to firmly press your marshmallow and rice cereal treats neatly into the pan.

There you have it, folks! 25 fun, innovative, and delicious ways to incorporate a simple sheet of parchment paper into your day to day routine.

Truth be told, there are probably 250 ways that parchment paper can make you smile and we would love to hear about how you like to put it to use. Let us know when you place your order at www.ParchmentPaper.com your home for useful parchment paper products that are always made in the USA.

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