child crafting with parchment paper

5 Unique Ways to Use Parchment Paper

Everybody knows that parchment paper is used in the kitchen, from baking cookies to lining cake tines, parchment has been used for generations. While theres no denying the benefit of parchment paper in the kitchen, did you know there are other unique ways to use parchment paper that you may never have even thought of?

Here are 5 unique ways to use parchment paper. 

Separating Frozen Foods

While parchment paper is known to be used in the process of cooking or baking, it is also a great kitchen tool for storage as well. Frozen meats are already difficult to defrost and separate in the cooking process. By separating food items with parchment paper, the process will become not only far quicker, but easier and cleaner as well. 

Our favorite way to use parchment paper with frozen food is to create pre-made burger patties separated with parchment paper squares. Give it a try!

As a Craft Mat 

Calling all mamas and dads! Crafting can be messy, but ultimately a necessary step for childhood development. With painting and glitter, things can get out of hand… and quickly. 

Luckily, we’ve got yet another parchment paper hack for you. Parchment paper can be used as a craft mat for arts and crafts for your kiddos and like most uses of parchment paper, clean up is so easy. 

Better yet, imagine parchment paper for play-dough play? Your carpets will certainly thank you. 


For Food Photography

This one might come as a surprise but did you know parchment paper is often used for taking beautiful pictures of food? 

Not only is it great to display a dish, but it is also a great deflector of the harsh lighting that a camera often gives off. Beautiful food photography requires a certain softness in lighting but crispness in detail. Cue parchment paper!

Many photographers also use parchment paper to layer and add texture to the background of their food photos.

Food photography with parchment paper

This classic example of layering a weathered baking sheet with crumbled parchment paper, adds so much character to this photograph. 


Protect iron surfaces 

Because parchment paper is non stick and does not melt– all of the reasons we love it– it is perfect to use when ironing on fabric transfers. 

Remember those days as a child when ironing embellishments onto t-shirts was just the coolest thing ever? What wasn’t cool was not having any transfer paper and in turn, melting your embellishment or worse, your clothing. 

This may be common knowledge for some, but we had to remind you all that parchment paper works just as well as transfer paper! Yep, no reason to stress or ruin your clothes. 


To trace sewing patterns 

The final and perhaps, the coolest way to use parchment paper was as a replacement for sewing patterns.

Most sewing patterns are paper, making them hard to store and easy to damage. But did you know, the latest trick for crafters is to trace the sewing patterns onto parchment paper and store that instead? 

Far more durable and sure to last you for many years to come. 


While parchment paper has so many incredible uses for the kitchen, we’d be remiss to fail to mention all of the versatile ways it can be used outside of the kitchen, as well!

For some of these tips, such as tracing sewing patterns, precut parchment paper is the perfect option while in others such as textured food photography, you’re far better off just ripping your own straight off the roll. 

Either way, there is no denying parchment paper is a household must-have. 

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