Pre-Cut Parchment Paper Sheets Save Time & Money

Pre-Cut Parchment Paper Sheets Save Time & Money

It seems like everyone fancies themselves a chef these days, eh? Watcha few YouTube videos, ruin a few expensive cuts of meat, and BOOM you're basically Emeril Lagasse, am I right?

Well, if you are looking to level up your culinary game at home, there are certainly some traits you can take from your favorite celebrity chefs. One of them is a skill that all good commercial chefs and cooks possess and that is time management. In a busy kitchen there is no time to waste.

In a commercial kitchen there is often no money to waste either, so chefs are constantly looking for ways to save time and money for the restaurant or the client as a form of job security.


One product that is just now becoming popular in home kitchens across the United States that has already earned its spot in commercial kitchens from coast to coast is pre-cut sheets of parchment paper. 

Finally, Americans are moving away from cooking and wrapping everything they eat in or on aluminum foil and the non-stick, non-toxic properties of parchment paper have been a hit for cooks, amateur and professional alike.

However, if you have ever fiddled around with an awkward roll of grocery store parchment paper, you probably discovered real quick that the math often doesn't make much sense.

Best used in baking trays and cookie sheets to prevent food from sticking to those surfaces, most store-bought parchment paper rolls are simply too big for their intended use.

For example, the cooking surface of a typical baking sheet measures 16.5 x 11.5 inches, but most rolls were between 13 and 15 inches wide - why?

When you position them in a baking sheet widthwise, you are left with a wide area of the baking sheet exposed. Position them lengthwise and you'll be forced to cut off 1 to 3 inches of now-wasted parchment paper.

On the most popular store-bought rolls, which on average measure about 15 inches across, that necessary trimming results in 20% wasted parchment paper!

We know of some fun holiday crafts with parchment paper, and even some cool hacks around the house with parchment paper, but these scraps are useless!

Of course, not only will you be wasting excess, cut-off parchment paper when using store-bought rolls, but you'll be wasting time, too.

Wasted paper plus wasted time is easy math... wasted money!

Oh boy, don't get us started on the flimsy, non-functional boxes that a lot of store-bought rolls of parchment paper come in. Trying to tear a clean, strait edge using that sort of packaging can be an incredibly frustrating experience in itself.

Pre-cut parchment paper sheets - like you'll find here at - come in useful, standard, universal sizes, saving you time and money.

Unlike a product that has spent its life tightly rolled up, pre-cut parchment paper sheets have crisp, clean edges and lay perfectly flat in your baking tray or cookie sheet.

No more wavy or creased cookies for you! Pre-cut parchment paper sheets make the whole process smooth.

Some of the benefits to keeping a box of pre-cut, non-stick, non-toxic, American made parchment paper sheets in the kitchen include:

  • Food releases evenly

  • Food cooks evenly from edge to edge

  • Parchment paper is strong enough to support heavy food (pizzas, pies, etc.)

  • Pre-cut parchment paper sheets fit in standard-size rimmed baking sheet or tray

  • Paper is flat, stays flat

  • Flat packaging dispenses paper without crumpling or creasing it

At roughly 20 cents per sheet, pre-cut parchment paper sheets just make sense and save you dollars! 

For a limited time, you can save even more when you let pay for the shipping costs on your next order.

For all orders over $30, simply enter the coupon code FREESHIPPING at checkout and we will cover the shipping and handling. What a deal! You can get a box of 200 pre-cut sheets of premium American made parchment paper sheets measuring 16" x 24" for just $39.99 (plus tax) and we will pay the mailman for you.

What a great way to see how much time and money you can save by making the switch to pre-cut parchment sheets.

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