Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies on parchment paper

The Basics of Baking with Parchment Paper

freshly baked cookies on parchment paper

Whether you bake simply for your kiddos, as a personal hobby, or even professionally, parchment paper is a must have in your baking arsenal. 

Many people fail to realize how beneficial using parchment paper in the kitchen really is. The truth remains– once you start using parchment paper you will never go back. 


Why bake with parchment paper? 

We all know the frustration of spending countless hours in the kitchen prepping and mixing only to end up with burnt or uneven cooked goods. Luckily, one benefit of parchment paper is the even heat distribution while cooking. 

Additionally, by lining your pans and tins with parchment paper, you can prevent wear and tear on your baking materials and ensure there is no sticking. 



This cake hack will change the way you bake cakes forever. Simply measure and line the bottom of the cake pan with parchment paper and butter the sides of the pan before cooking. The cake will slide out easily once cooked.

Bye-bye crumbled uneven cake faces!


Cookies and Biscuits

Line your baking sheets with parchment paper and notice there is no need for any additional oils or sprays. You will enjoy evenly cooked cookies and biscuits that don’t stick. 

The best part? Clean-up is seamless! Just make sure you line the paper to the size of the sheet to prevent the paper from touching the oven walls and potentially burning. 


Bread and Bars

For bread or baked bars, you’ll want to over line your pan. In this instance, just be careful there is no hazard in having the excess material in your oven.

Because you will need to slice your finished product, the ease of simply lifting out the sheet of baked goods and letting it cool before serving it up is perfect.


So, what are you waiting for?

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