winter broth

Winter Comfort Foods 101

Winter broth

There's a reason they call it stocking up for the winter, and it's more than just a bit of a warmer layer. Those warm, fatty or cheesy foods are a given in those cold months– not to mention delicious. I’m sure you’ve noticed a craving for warm and hearty meals in the colder season; we sure have! 

But why do people suddenly crave these foods in the winter month? Is it cultural or psychological?

One huge aspect of our need for comfort foods is a desire for serotonin and dopamine, otherwise known as the happy chemicals! Unfortunately, with the winter months often comes dark and cold days which can lead to less than happy feelings or even seasonal depression. 

Fear not, friends! We have the perfect lineup of tasty warm meals to satisfy your comfort food cravings. 


Soup is easy to throw together and stores exceptionally well, but it satisfies cravings in the winter and can even be made pretty healthy. 

At, we have a number of soup recipes included in our Delicious cookbook. Some of these incredible recipes include creamy roasted cauliflower soup, creamy roasted carrot soup, creamy pumpkin soup, and sweet potato soup with maximum flavor! DELICIOUS! 

Warm Dishes

Other great options for winter meals include pastas! Any warm and creamy dish is sure to be delicious and can be quickly cooked up and served for the entire family. When roasting veggies or baking meats, parchment paper can be used to make the process even quicker and make clean up easy. 

Speaking of meats, the solid and full feeling that a good roasted pork or ribeye steak can serve up during the winter months is incomparable to a lighter meal. Consider including proteins and fats in your meals for added nourishment. 

Sweat Treats

There is nothing quite like a freshly baked cookie or slice of a loaf to make you feel all the good feelings when cooped up in the home with cabin fever!

Baked goods are some of our favorites, and we’re sure you’d agree. With the right recipes and baking tips, your goods will come out just right and hit the spot every time. 


No matter what you’re seeking in these cold winter months, take it easy on yourself and kick back with some comfort food sure to bring a smile to your face. 

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